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Senior Pastor - Grace Covenant Church
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Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Tween Gospel Alliance

GCC PASTOR'S NOTES - June 16, 2019

Happy Father’s Day!  Our time is so precious on Sundays, there’s not enough time for me to tell you all that’s going on.  We’re working on a platform for this type of occasional update from me on special events, announcements, reports on World Missions, etc (i.e. blog could be up in a couple weeks). In the meantime, let’s stay in touch!


Our Sundays at Grace are already so special.  The addition of “porch time” after our worship gathering this Summer has already been a hit, too.  If you haven’t joined us yet, plan to stay an extra 15 minutes on Sundays so you can spend time with your Grace Covenant Family…we love guests too!

I want to say thank you to:

  • Sally Wolff who has worked behind the scenes to make sure we have the refreshments we need (including Gluten & Nut Free selections).

  • The Deacons who handle set up and tear down of equipment on the porch.

  • Joanna Lindstrom who recently asked to help coordinate.

  • All of you who just pitch in and make sure things are handled well.

SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: June 16, 2019

Philippians 1:27-30 - Living Out the Gospel Together - Part 1 (of 2)

YouVersion Bible Notes:

This morning’s text was quite challenging.  Paul’s attention has now turned to spell out some important things for the Philippians.  He wants to get a report back that the church is not risk-averse when it comes to reaching others with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.  For us, living out the Gospel means to 1) Stand Firm and knowing that we are to 2) Be The Sign that God has sent to this lost and dying world.  

I hope you’ll make every effort to join us next week where we pick up Part 2 with the instruction to “Believe and Suffer Well”.

Need to catch up on the series? Listen here:


JUNE 23 @ 8:45am  AND  JUNE 30 @ 8:45am

Are you ready to be a covenant member of Grace?   Do you want to investigate further before you make that commitment?  Then this class is for you.

Join our Founding Pastor, Daren McGrew and me as we explore Church Membership together.  This 2-Session class is great for anyone (students-adults) considering joining Grace Covenant Church.

We’ll meet in the "Library" on the 2nd Floor in the Educational Building (across from the Adult Sunday School Room).  It’s 1 class that has 2 parts/sessions.

If you’re interested and not yet signed up, please email me by Wednesday, June 19, 2019. Here is the link to the Facebook Event!

In Christ, 

-Pastor Chad A. Miller